Tiny Hands


What's this option all about?

You finish work for maternity leave, you buy your last few bits and pieces for the baby (and, hopefully, you) and realise you have some time on your hands and/or that you haven't yet thought about your hopes for how the birth day itself will pan out.

This refresher class is all about the essentials to create the optimal state of mind - and environment - for when baby makes their way into the world. 

Who's it for?

If you've used hypnobirthing in previous pregnancies and would welcome a reminder, or have given birth before and don't need much of the basics but would like to incorporate hypnobirthing this time around, or first time mum and suddenly realised you've not yet thought about the day itself.

What does it involve?

Two hours of hypno highlights + coffee, + cake + a handful of other mums-to-be from the local area.

We'll cover the basic principles of hypnobirthing and a few simple techniques to relax and empower you in these last few precious days.