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What does the course involve? : 

This is what you're probably most likely to expect of a hypnobirthing course. 

Broadly we will cover the basics of hypnobirthing (the power of words, of breathing, of visualisation, and of mindset), techniques to aid self-hypnosis and scripts to practise in class and at home (for the exhaustive list, check out our 'The course' page).

Why do the course vs pick and mix?

This is in far greater depth than is possible in the pick and mix sessions, takes place in your own home at a time and frequency that suits yourselves alone, and allows for a significant amount of time to personalise the content, go at your pace, and ask questions as you go along as it's individual to you and your birth partner as appropriate.

As part of the course you will receive your own free copy of The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves (worth £10.49) as well as a goodie bag of treats from brands and businesses we've loved and want to pass on.

How long does it take?

10 hours to do it - and you - real justice, commonly taken over four 2.5hr sessions, ideally consecutively but however and whenever would work best to get both Mum and birth partner in the room together.

Who is it for?  

Couples who want hypnobirthing to form a core part of their birth preparation, those not taking part in an antenatal course, or simply those who feel they would benefit more from a private course that can be  more tailored to them and their specific needs and wishes.

When can you get started?

As with any of our sessions, it really is an open door whenever you feel you would like to begin your understanding and practice. However it tends to work best post 20 week scans, once you're hopefully enjoying your second trimester and beginning to look ahead. It really is never too early or late to benefit though so always get in touch even if you're halfway through the third trimester.