I came to the world of hypnobirthing in 2015 after many years of trying to get pregnant and after a spontaneous labour in a previous pregnancy two years prior which led to me giving birth at 21 weeks to a beautiful little girl who was too small to survive. For me it wasn't a fear of the pain or the process that drove me to learn more, but the potential to prepare for birth that appealed. Particularly after what had gone before. And it worked. Something which could have been rooted in fear and panic and anxiety, overshadowed from past experience was amazing, and overwhelming (in the best possible way) and - crucially - with us in control. And I 100% put that down to the process of hypnobirthing. Knowledge, relaxation and belief. It gave the three of us purpose. Me that my body was amazing and to be trusted and my only job was to let that be. My husband that it gave him a clear role (we had him as the go-between for any conversations and he used the affirmations to give him something helpful to say at a time when many guys may fear saying something that gets them a smack in the face). And our daughter because it helped us both focus on her and welcoming her into the world, and by allowing the things she was telling my body to do, we were making her arrival easier and quicker for her.
Now being a mother of an 18 month old and fully-trained KG Hypnobirthing teacher, I can't wait to extol the virtues to even more women. Especially women for whom fear perhaps stems from a past experience and aren't sure just how much this could benefit them and their babies.