Fun, informative, mindset-shifting birth preparation, however and wherever you hope to meet baby

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If you're looking for a birth experience that you can go into eyes wide open, with a sense of calm that comes from having all the knowledge you need, however and wherever you plan to give birth, hypnobirthing is for you.

We spend months preparing for the baby we will bring home with us but rarely for the birth itself. At Babyready, our entire purpose is getting everyone ready for this amazing occasion. Logical, empowering, evidence-based classes and techniques, designed to strengthen your mind and give you confidence in your body's natural instincts and your decisions in the lead up to the day.


"We worked with Becky over several weeks and could not recommend her highly enough. She was highly informed, well prepared and very approachable, answering all the questions we threw at her. Not only did we learn about techniques to help in labour, but picked up loads of helpful information for pre-labour and the bit we hadn't really thought about... parenting! Because of Becks and her teaching, we were able to stay calm and focused during our pregnancy, labour and the weeks that followed. We can't thank you enough Becks!"

First time parents G & N, Sept 2018

'I loved our hypnobirthing lessons with Becky. They were genuinely really helpful for us. I went from not really knowing what hypnobirthing was, to really looking forward to our lessons. I think there are many things you can take from the practice, and the beauty of Becky's lessons is she kind of let's you cherry pick the parts that work best for you as a couple. When it came to the actual birth we found that we'd built up some skills to help us to stay calm during what can be a stressful time. Recommend!'

First time parents C & A, Jan 2018

“The anticipation of birth can be quite daunting, especially in my case where my pregnancy was considered high risk. Becky did a great job of demonstrating the benefits and techniques of hypnobirthing in a simple and practical way. Without being a medical professional Becky was able to use her own experience and knowledge of hypnobirthing to answer my questions and address my concerns. By the end of our session my mental state had transformed - I was feeling more positive and begun to look forward to my birth and practicing the hypnobirthing techniques we had discussed. When the time finally came I was ready and calm. I went on to have the peaceful birth I had planned for without any drugs or medical intervention. When the contractions began I stayed in the comfort of my own home for as long as possible practicing breathing, positive thinking, visualisation.  My daughter arrived quickly and safely 2 hours after we arrived at the hospital. Hypnobirthing completely transformed my experience. Thank you Becky for your sharing your pearls of wisdom! “

M, First time Mum, Dec 2017

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